Friday, December 17, 2010

Joining Judy L.'s UFO Challenge for 2011

I have decided to join up with Judy L. and try to finish some UFO's in 2011. Some are old, some are ones I just really want to work on as soon as I can! For me, getting it to flimsy status will be considered finished. I am also planning to work along on some of the monochromatic ideas too, I plan on making monochromatic string blocks in the color of the month.

My UFO List....

1. Millenium Trip Around the World - started in 1999
2. Plaid Strings - started in 2010
3. Kitchen Sink in 30's fabrics - started in 2007
4. Little Pretties - started in 2007
5. Kashmere Green and Golds - started in ?
6. Teal Flying Geese - started in 2006?
7. Fig Tree fabrics in Bluestone Pathways - started in 2006
8. Nine-patch Between Friends - started in 2010
9. Nine-patch Bulloch Hall - started in 2010
10. Nine-patch Crossing Paths - started in 2010
11. Nine-patch Flying 9-patch - started in 2010

This is the list I came up with when Judy first mentioned the idea on her blog. There were 12 on the list, but I finished one already! These are not all my UFO's, and I may work on the last four as soon as the opportunity arises. I would love to finish all of these in 2011 and that is why they are on the list!!!!!!


  1. I think I am going to start on one of my UFOs right after the holidays also. Just wait that will be the number that is picked way the end of the year but then I won't have to rush then.

  2. Wonderful sounding ufos. Would love to see them. Looking forward to your progress.

  3. Just joined the challenge. I LOVE that you added the year you started the quilt on your list. I am looking forward to seeing your progress this year.

  4. I just found you from Judy's Challenge. Good luck with your UFO's. I like your idea of starting now before the holidays are over. I made my list and after posting thought of two more! It's seems it's a never ending list. :-)


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