Friday, October 19, 2012

A Finish!

Okay, the truth be told, I finished these awhile ago, in August actually! DD#1 is living off campus at college this year in an apartment, and in anticipation of cooking, wanted an apron. I love aprons, and love to make them, so this was just an excuse to sew another one. She picked the pattern, it is one that I have used several times, and my favorite apron to wear is made from this pattern, it is the 1940's Apron Pattern by Calico Cat. The pattern includes an adult apron and a child's apron. I bought this pattern years ago when DD#3 and I were out shopping at a quilt store. She instantly fell in love with the child's apron displayed in the store, and we left the store that day with the pattern and fabric to make her an apron. She wore that apron for quite a while, she has always been a great help in the kitchen! She has long since outgrown that apron (she just turned 16 last month!), but this pattern is a keeper. I went ahead and made two aprons this time, the one for K. is a lovely print of citrus slices, Jelly Flowers by Gail Kessler (Andover Fabrics). The Christmas one is from The Joys of Christmas by Michal Sparks (Robert Kaufman). We will be spending time at the beach with our extended family at Christmas, and I think this fabric with holiday flip-flops will be so fun to wear at that gathering! K. loves her version of this apron, and my DS makes a good model too!

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