Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday flimsy

This flimsy was a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. I made this shortly after my mother passed away, using fabrics I inherieted from her mixed with my own. Its not very big, but I love it! The corners need to be redone with HSTs. Its hard to tell in the photos, but the lights in the 9-patches are strawberry fabrics, and so are the light blue squares. My name for it is Strawberry Fields, my mom loved to pick strawberries in the spring. We would eat strawberries, make jam, and eat more strawberries! I am setting this post up a few weeks in advance, this may be my last flimsy to show unless I complete something in a hurry!


  1. What a beautiful quilt in progress and beautiful way to remember your mother and her love for strawberry season ;) I know you cant wait to finish it and wrap up in it.

    Love from IN, -bonnie

  2. I ended up skipping this mystery due to a hectic life, though I have about 100 pink 9 patches from my false start. I absolutely love it in the blues you've chosen. What a lovely quilt top.


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