Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Judy Laquidara is asking us to list our UFOs. I keep a spreadsheet on mine, so I am going to share it here, and try to add pictures on Wednesdays-the day to share progress on any of the projects on the list.

Quilt Name/block size/year started/notes/designer or inspiration

1. Millenium TripAroundtheWorld 2000 needs frogging, have backing

2. Kashmere 14" need sashing and border? magazine

3. Churn Dash Christmas 15" 1999 needs sashing Robyn Pandolph

4. Teal Flying Geese 14" May-07

5. Fig Tree/Cinnamon Stars May-07 Bluestone Walkway by Deborah Hearn

6. Double Xreproductions 10" Mar-08 Quilt Sampler/QuiltMania

7. Chocolat Stars 8" Apr-08 sew together, no border, simple binding Primitive Gatherings

8. Kitchen Sink 30's 9" Apr-08 online

9. Star Dance 30's 9" Apr-08 repurposing into pinwheels

10. Little Pretties 30's Apr-08 needs borders Aus P&Q

11. Double Irish Chain acq 09 Mom's, needs frogging

12. String-Pieced Diamonds acq 09 Mom's

13. Purple Bricks Feb-10 frog, redesign

14. Plaid strings 8" Sep-10 needs border like Julie k/EvelynSloppy

15. Between Friends 6" Oct-10 9-patch swap, needs borders Darlene

16. Crosspatch 9" Oct-10 9-patch swap

17. Scrappy trip 2" Jun-11 Steps to the Altar AP and Q magazine 2002

18. QN mystery 12" Aug-11 blocks done, need setting triangles

19. Pocket full of mystery Dec-11 Dorothy Young

20. Easy Street Nov-12 Bonnie Hunter mystery

I'd like to say that this is all, but I am not including projects that are ongoing as scraps are generated. There are also a couple more of my Mom's, I am trying to work on just one or two of those a year. I deleted several items off the list as I was reviewing it, and I will be getting rid of those altogether. There are lots more bits and pieces, but I am not sure they will ever develop into anything!

Judy is an amazing enabler designer, and very generous with sharing her designs. There are at least 4 quilts on her blog that I want to make, and another two from her 60 Pieced Quilt Borders book, so I am sure that this list will just get longer! The good news is that the three quilts that I have made from Judy's designs are all flimsies, so according to me, they are not ufos!


  1. enabler sounds about right =) A nice healthy list of great projects!

  2. I love your blog name and look forward to your UFO progress!


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