Monday, May 21, 2012

Design wall Monday

I found these coordinating fabric strips in my stash, but I can't remember if someone sent them to me, or if I purchased them as part of a scrap bag.  I just added some wow and the darker green to complete this flimsy as an octagonal table topper.    Judy L. hosts design wall Monday every week, so pop over to her site to see lots of eye candy.  On the home front, DDs #1 and #2 are home from college,  DD #3 will be finished with school on this Wednesday, DS will be finished next week.  DH has vacation days on the schedule. The yard looks lovely with lilies, gardenias, and daylilies in bloom.  Let summer begin!!!


  1. I like the color combo! We didn't have much Spring but Happy Summer!

  2. lovely color combo and I really like the pattern you have. Sounds like a full house for the summer and lots of fun!

  3. Such a lovely pattern and color combo. You work looks so nice.


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