Friday, March 26, 2010

Bless Your Heart Friday Flimsy

Today's flimsy is one I call 'Bless Your Heart'. In the South, bless your heart can be used to express gratitude, or to get you off the hook when talking bad about someone, as in, "that girl is such a mess, bless her heart!" My dear MIL from Queens, NY, loved this expression! In her book, Scrap Patchwork & Quilting, Marti Michell recommends cutting 1 1/2' strips from all your fabrics before you start cutting for your current project, and save these strips for log cabin quilts. I did this for many years, until my ziplock storage bag was overflowing! When I wanted to learn to paper-piece, I searched the web for small heart patterns, and made those up when I felt like doing something small. Eventually, I combined the two, using the paper-pieced hearts for the center of the log cabin blocks. I added a piano keys border with larger hearts in each corner. Maybe I'll free piece some letters (a la Tonya at Lazy Gal Quilting) that say bless your heart and use them as part of the backing...hmmmm.

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