Thursday, February 4, 2010


I've been working on 4 different quilts in the past few months and I am frustrated with three of them! My Square-in-a-square quilt is not going together very well at all because I pressed all my blocks in the same direction during construction. I am debating cutting each square into 4 HSTs and making broken dishes blocks out of them. I haven't come up with a good border fabric for my churn dash swap quilt, nothing seems right to me yet. I was able to order a Jelly roll of Moda Yuletide fabrics from in NM and worked on this quilt,(bottom photo) but I am unhappy with some of the fabric placements. I want to add a piano keys border to this, but I may not have enough variety in the leftover fabrics to make that work. The last quilt I am working on is the Carolina Christmas mystery by Bonnie Hunter. I have put the other projects away for now so that I can concentrate on this one. For me, reducing the frustration level helps me to keep my quilting mojo in gear!
Retail therapy is also good for the quilting mojo! I ordered these lovely Chicken wire fabrics from Etsy shop (middle photo)(the little bee fq was a bonus!) - I am going to use them for the back of a flimsy that has pinwheels in red and yellow chicken and egg fabrics! These other fabrics I bought from Sweet Home Quilt Co. in Conyers, Ga. (top photo)(Actually, the two on the right are from the remnant bin at JoAnn's.) I hadn't been to Sweet Home Quilt before, but as you can tell, I really liked it!

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